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Amputation And Hand Injury Lawyers

When an accident or trauma results in the complete amputation of a body part, the part sometimes can be reattached, especially when proper care is taken of the severed tissue and stump. In partial amputations, the soft-tissue connection remains, and depending on the severity of the injury, the partially severed extremity may or may not be salvageable.

In either case the result is catastrophic but the long-term outcome for amputees has improved due to better medical understanding of the management of traumatic amputation, early emergency and critical care management, new surgical techniques, and early rehabilitation. New limb replantation techniques have been moderately successful, but incomplete nerve regeneration remains a major limiting factor.

Aggressive Representation

Many times we at the Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership have seen how our injured workers and their families will have a better outcome from having a well-fitting, functional prosthesis than a nonfunctional replanted limb. In either case, our firm works to ensure our client wins the maximum monetary award possible through mediation or trial including compensation for:

  • The necessity for lifelong medical care
  • State-of-the-art prosthetics
  • Wage loss and loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Selection of effective orthopedic and neurological specialists

Hand Injuries

Many employees who have performed the same task over and over for months, years or decades are at risk for a repetitive stress injury, including that which is commonly known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a type of nerve damage that often requires surgery.

Our Concord carpal tunnel syndrome attorneys at the Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership understand the frustration that individuals feel after suffering an injury while doing nothing more than completing their normal repetitive job tasks. Repetitive motions such as typing, assembly-line work and using vibrating tools can cause painful nerve damage in workers. Some insurance companies challenge or deny workers’ compensation claims for this type of repetitive trauma because it is a “subjective injury” which often cannot easily be seen or easily diagnosed. Our lawyers work with the appropriate medical professionals to prove the injury thus allowing our injured workers and their families to recover both their physical health and the compensation that they are entitled to under the California Labor Code and other applicable law.

Do not hesitate to contact an attorney at our office to schedule a no-cost confidential consultation. We will investigate the facts of your unique situation to provide legal advice on the best course of action.

Contact Our Attorneys Regarding Repetitive Stress Injuries

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