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Experienced Concord Lawyer Handling Quiet Title Claims In California

Real estate attorney Chris Lucas has represented residential and commercial property owners in Northern California for more than three decades. He knows firsthand that in order to fully reap the benefits of property ownership, owners must first and foremost be secure in their property interests.

California has a legal process known as quiet title claims, which allow owners of real property to settle disputes over ownership. While these actions are necessary anytime the ownership of a property is in dispute, navigating them can be difficult without the guidance of an experienced lawyer. Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership can provide you with the advice, representation and advocacy you need to establish your right to legal property in California.

When May A Quiet Title Action Be Necessary?

Quiet title actions frequently arise during the probating of estates. For example, when a loved one dies and leaves real property (such as remote and little-used land parcels) to relatives, a quiet title action can be used to conclusively establish ownership in the heirs. They may also be required if others allege that they were the intended recipients of property, or the property has been used by parties claiming adverse possession.

Boundary disputes can also result in the need to settle property lines through a quiet title action. In these cases, the court will determine the correct boundaries between parcels, providing both property owners with greater certainty over their property interests.

Whether you are looking to establish your property rights or need to defend them in the face of legal action, attorney Chris Lucas can develop a strategy to help you come out ahead. Call the firm’s Concord offices for a free consultation at 925-265-8964 or send an email now.