Los abogados y los empleados hablan español

Los abogados y los empleados hablan español


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Client Victories

With over 40 years of trial experience Goforth & Lucas has established a track record of winning recoveries for injured clients and their families.

The stakes are enormous for most litigants and the astute client must enter the litigation threshold with great care. Before proceeding, it’s essential that you and your lawyer explore all possible scenarios and pitfalls.

Recent victories:

Trial attorneys Michael D. Goforth and Christopher R. Lucas personally handle each case from its inception through conclusion.

For a confidential, no-cost consultation about your case, contact Michael D. Goforth, Christopher R. Lucas, or our workers’ compensation hearing representative, Anai Ramirez.


The California workers’ compensation laws are the constant source of intense legislative debate and change. The many reforms which were implemented recently have complicated the rights of our clients. Our firm insures that the laws are used to protect the legal and economic rights of our clients.

For a no-cost evaluation of your case contact Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership.

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