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To Level The Playing Field

California Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation law was designed to allow injured workers to obtain compensation for their injuries quickly. Workers’ comp benefits are available for injured workers when an injury occurs during the course of employment. Compensation generally includes medical benefits, temporary disability payments, permanent disability payments and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

However, employers and their insurance companies often do not treat injured employees fairly. Insurance companies often deny benefits and routinely offer compensation that is far below what is needed to cover the injured worker’s medical bills, vocational retraining, lost income and other expenses associated with his or her injuries. The Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership is dedicated to aggressively pursuing the maximum benefits to which every injured worker is entitled under the law.

Our firm handles all types of workplace injury claims, including those involving:

Recent History Of Workers’ Compensation

The California Labor Code is in a constant state of upheaval. We have used the evolving law to maximize our clients’ benefits and settlements. We have worked tirelessly to build strong relationships with our clients, paying careful attention to their needs to insure that they are fully compensated through temporary disability payments, permanent disability payments, and all other benefits due to them under California law.

New Workers’ Comp Laws Being Passed

The 2020s bring major changes in the law which affect your ability to maximize your temporary disability income, permanent disability award, medical care and job retraining. Some of the new changes are favorable to the injured worker, and some are not. Know your rights under the new law!

In spite of changes in the law, The Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership assures that its clients will play on a level playing field against the organized money and underhanded tactics of the insurance companies who are now scrambling to try to gain advantage under the new workers’ compensation laws.

To level the playing field against insurance carriers and their defense firms, it is important for you to have aggressive and experienced representation from lawyers who fully understand both sides of your dispute as well as the new laws. When you have suffered the injury or death of a family member, or are fighting foreclosure which often accompanies life-changing injury, Goforth & Lucas will fight to protect your legal interests and obtain the best possible economic recovery for you and your family.

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