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Concord Third Party Claims Lawyers

Contra Costa County Work Injury Attorneys

Often, our clients are workers who have been injured in workplace accidents which are caused by third parties. These third parties, as opposed to coworkers or supervisors, are not directly employed by the injured worker's company. They can be, for example, delivery drivers, vendors or subcontractors, or any entity other than the worker’s employer.

A pure workers' compensation case consists of two parties - the injured worker (the applicant) and the employer. Workers' compensation is a "no fault" system which means that it does not matter how you got hurt so long as you were hurt at work. However, if you are injured through the negligence of a "third party", you may also have a separate claim against that third party based on that party's fault.

For example, if you are driving as part of your work and you have an accident with another vehicle as a result of the negligence of the other driver. Since you were injured at work, you are entitled to all of the benefits of your workers' compensation claim. Additionally, since you were also injured through the negligence of another driver, who was not employed by your employer, you may bring a claim against that other driver in addition to your industrial claim.

Probably the greatest advantage of bringing a third party claim in conjunction with your workers' compensation claim is the ability to recover pain, suffering, and loss of future economic damages. Workers’ compensation claims are generally more secure than the third party claims due to guaranteed prompt payments of medical bills and disability payments no matter who is at fault. But bringing both third party and workers’ compensation claims together, many times offer you the advantages of both systems and ultimately increases your total economic recovery.

Where appropriate, we aggressively prosecute the industrial claim as well as the civil litigation against the at-fault party. We pursue this approach to maximize our clients' financial recoveries, and see to it that our clients recover money for pain and suffering and future lost earnings in addition to the limited benefits that are due to them under the California Labor Code and the workers' compensation system.

At the Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership, our Concord third party claims attorneys each have over 33 years of experience guiding clients through the workers' compensation process. Third party claims are significantly more complex than standard workers' compensation claims. Additionally, the industrial carrier has lien rights which must be settled, and a knowledgeable lawyer must prepare an effective game plan to reach a successful resolution. While many firms will choose to represent one or the other, we are comfortable representing the injured worker through his or her workers' compensation claim as well as the civil litigation necessary to maximize their financial recovery.

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If you have been severely injured at work or by the negligence of a third party, contact veteran trial attorney Michael D. Goforth to represent your interests. We provide a no cost confidential consultation to all clients. There is never a fee unless we recover a settlement in your case.

Contact us or call Law Clerks Carmen Fazli or Martha Lara at 925-265-8964 to schedule a meeting with our California workplace accident attorneys. We are available to meet with you Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged upon request.