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Concord Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Walnut Creek Nerve Injury Attorneys

Our clients who suffer spinal cord injuries typically have to deal with numbness and weakness in the extremities for years, or in serious situations, for the rest of his or her lifetime. Whether the injury was suffered through personal injury or a workplace accident, we strive to ensure maximum compensation to each and every injured client that we represent including:

  • The necessity for future (life long) medical care
  • Temporary/Permanent disability payments
  • Wage loss and loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Selection of effective orthopedic/neurological treating physicians
  • Essential procedures including EKGs, MRIs, ESIs

At the Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership, our Concord spinal cord injury attorneys each have more than 33 years of experience fighting to ensure that our clients recover the full and fair monetary compensation from insurance companies that they deserve. Neck and back injuries are all related to the nervous system and often have to do with the irritation of various nerve roots. These types of injuries affect the spinal cord and the tendons, but diagnosing damage to the spinal cord, nerves and tendons is not always straightforward. These injuries cannot always be objectively viewed on MRIs and X-rays. Making matters worse, insurance carriers love to label many orthopedic injuries "soft tissue" or "subjective" in their effort to denigrate your claim and limit their payment of reasonable. fair damages.

It is our goal to level the playing field between our clients and the insurance carriers by obtaining complete documentation of your diagnostics, medical care and physical therapy. Many times new injuries are superimposed on preexisting degenerative conditions. It is important to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer who can present these injuries properly in workers' compensation and personal injury cases. For example, if an individual suffers from degenerative arthritis that is worsened by a new injury, this has to be properly identified and presented to the insurance carrier so that the individual receives appropriate medical care as well as the maximum compensation.

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