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Our Practice

The Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership has for three decades provided aggressive legal representation to injured persons and their famlies throughout Northern California. Clients trust us to provide an accurate and honest appraisal of their case's strengths and weaknesses. We are proud to have successfully guided our clients to excellent monetary settlements through even the most complicated claims in the areas of:

  • Workers' compensation: 2014 brought major changes to the California Labor code which affect all workers' rights to benefits. We represent injured workers at all stages of their industrial claim process, from the initial application filing through trial. We level the playing field and effectively put the law on your side. As the applicant you must be positioned to receive the maximum compensation due to you under the ever-changing California Labor Code, and to protect your legal rights against the tactics of the workers' compensation insurance carriers and their defense attorneys. Injured workers are generally entitled to temporary disability, medical treatment, choice of doctors, permanent disability, retraining benefits, and lifetime medical care. Additionally, when a worker has been injured through the fault of a subcontractor, dangerous product, or an entity other than the employer, we aggressively pursue a third-party claim on behalf of our client to further maximize his/her monetary recovery. Contact trial lawyer Michael D. Goforth.
  • Personal injury: Catastrophic injury claims arising out of construction sites, including chemical and gas explosions, refinery accidents, defective scaffolding, dangerous or defective machinery and equipment; severely injured drivers, passengers or pedestrians in automobile, motorcycle, and big-rig accidents; wrongful death claims, premises liability and defective products.

  • Death and catastrophic injuries: Through our workers' compensation and personal injury practice we have for three decades aggresively represented clients and their families who have suffered through a wide range of serious claims, including back injuries, neck injuries, bone injuries, shoulder injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs, fractures, CRPS, psychiatric disability, crush injuries, and PTSD. Our team aggresively works to recover money damages for lost income, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering damages, and past and future medical expenses.

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The Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership attorneys will provide a confidential no cost consultation to all prospective clients. Contact us or call at 925-265-8964 to schedule a meeting with our California workplace accident attorneys.