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Northern California's Leading Personal Injury Law Firm For over 33 years

Accident, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death Attorneys

"Justice is not an ideal, it is a real human victory."

The attorneys at Goforth & Lucas each has over 33 years of trial experience, focusing on personal injury, workers' compensation and real estate/business litigation. Unlike many law firms, we have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation. This has enabled us to effectively understand and anticipate how our adversaries will prepare a case and how they will respond to tactics. Most importantly It assures our clients that they will play on a level playing field against the organized money and strategies of insurance companies that will stop at nothing to deny paying just compensation.

We offer a confidential consultation to every prospective client. To arrange a no cost meeting with one of our attorneys, contact our office or call us at 925-265-8964.

There is never a fee unless we recover a money settlement or verdict for you.

About the Goforth & Lucas Law Partnership

We concentrate obtaining the best possible result for our clients. Our practice focuses on aggressive representation in cases involving:

  • Personal injury: Catastrophic injuries and death claims. We use expert witnesses to present the best possible case for your financial recovery, and bring in financial planning professionals to help you manage your settlement. Our personal injury practice focuses on motor vehicle and construction site accidents. We specialize in cases involving spinal surgery, disc replacement, herniated disc injuries, traumatic brain injury, CRPS and PTSD. To properly present your claim it is essential that you are cared for by only the most competent medical professionals. From the inception of your claim we see to it that your care is properly handled so as to assure your most ideal physical and economic recovery.
  • Workers' compensation: Chemical and gas explosions, and construction site accidents. Many of the largest cases we have handled are third-party claims brought by the injured worker against negligent parties other than the employer. Don't wait. 2014  has brought major changes in the law which affect you ability to maximize your temporary disability income, permanent disability award, medical care and job retraining.
  • The best time to call us is at the very beginning of your workers' compensation case.  It is essential that you protect your legal rights from the beginning of your claim. Our goal is to see to it the playing field is leveled and that the workers' compensation insurance companies and their defense attorneys never take advantage of you.

The Goforth & Lucas Fee Guarantee

There is never a fee until we recover a money settlement of your claim. For initial appointment contact.

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area/Contra Costa County

For a confidential consultation with one of our experienced lawyers, contact us or call us at 925-265-8964. Located directly across from the Concord BART station.